Italian TEE consists

for the common user_bmp.ini by Pierre Ofzareck

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FS Ale 840 by G.Stagni, FS ALn 990 by F.Pepe

1. download the self-extractor file from this page; run it; the drawings are put in the path C:\programme\mm_bahn_v3\cvianini
2. download from the home page of Pierre the common file:

The mythical TEE 'Breda'

The LIGURE in the summertime with 2 ALn 990 for the Italian part

The experimental express Torino-Trieste in Piedmont under the old three-phases catenary
For the part Verona-Milano the Mediolanum is joined to the express from Venice (ETR 220)
'70s: a secondary electric railcar including the 1st class ex-experimental trailer